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  1. Partner With Us

At Feed Needs Without Borders, we value partnership.  Our model is deeply rooted in the power of working together. We believe that it is through strong partnership that we can achieve a lasting change.

Our valued partners provide critical financial support, advice, complementary expertise and capacity which empowers our team to achieve our goals. And it is because of your partnership that we double the hope and healing of the vulnerable.

  • Sponsor Our Malaria Prevention Program

Malaria is the leading cause of death among children under age five and pregnant women in Africa.  However, this killer disease can easily be prevented!

Use of mosquito net is the most impactful and cost-effective way to prevent malaria. You can sponsor this program by donating a mosquito net. Your donations will help buy long lasting insecticide nets. A single long lasting net costs US$ 5.00.

You can help us save a life or two or even more by donating $5.00!

  • Sponsor Our Vaccination Program

Feeds Needs without Borders ensures that mothers are educated on the importance of timely and full dose vaccination of their babies, and that children receive the life-saving vaccines.

Vaccines are temperature sensitive commodities. Therefore, we do not only focus on providing vaccines but we also ensure that we create the best condition for proper storage of the vaccines.

Consider donating towards this program to help us get the doses and the freezers for storing the vaccines.

  • Donate Medical Equipment

Consider donating medical equipment to help support the treatment and management of our patients. Some of the items that we need include: Hospital Beds, EKG/ECG Machines, Ultrasounds, patient monitors, ventilators, sterilizers, anesthesia machines, defibrillators, etc.

You can donate refurbished equipment or money to help us buy one.

  • Volunteer

In order to achieve our objectives, we developed a seniors Program called “Emotion and Face of Africa(EVA) which allows retired or pre-retired active seniors to use their experience and knowledge to the benefit of the most disadvantaged populations in Africa. Through this program, pre-retired and active retired seniors willing to travel to Africa can provide humanitarian aid to disadvantaged populations.

  • Take A Trip To Africa

Africa is one of the continents whose majority, if not all of its countries enjoy political stability that guarantees lasting peace. Being the second largest continent in the world, Africa is jam-packed with some of the world’s biggest amazing things. The continent teems with geographical wonders, ancient history and active adventures.

By visiting Africa, you will discover:

  • Tropical beaches that rival some of the world’s best
  • Lakeside villages built on stilts like Ganvié “The Venice of Africa ” in Benin.
  • The historical and ethnographic museums
  • Geological wonders like waterfalls, rivers, delta, mountains, etc.
  • Thousands of fascinating cultures
  • Wonderful variety of wildlife animals and
  • Many MORE!

In addition to all these amazing tourist attractions. The people in Africa love visitors. You will meet people with welcoming smiles whose hospitality is well established.