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Memorial tourism

To make our Slavery Memory program more operational, we have developed the Memorial Tourism Project which is in addition to the other forms of tourism developed by Feed Needs Without Borders. 

Thus, to offer a happy and very fruitful stay to our guests as part of our Slavery Memory program, we plan to promote  the city of Ouidah in Benin (West Africa) which was a port city which served as a port of embarkation for slaves in Africa. She is also known for this role in the Atlantic slave trade from the 17th to the 18th century. This city will allow them to touch the sad realities of this phenomenon which marked the history of Africa as a whole. So, passing through the Slave Route which is the path by which the slaves were taken to join the ships, with its monuments to lead to the Door of No Return which is a commemorative arch built on the seafront, they will be able to discover the true face of the slave trade. Also, by visiting the Ouidah History Museum which is housed in the Portuguese fort built in the 18th century, they will discover the related history of the slave trade in this city.

In addition, we have defined a tourist circuit for this purpose, which we have called ”  In the footsteps of Cudjo Lewis or Oluwale Kossola  “. The tourists who will come, will be able to go up the path traveled by the slaves starting from Ouidah to visit strategic towns which served as a stopover for the caravan which led the slaves to the place of sale. This tour will take them to Banté, the homeland of Oluwale Kossola.  However, beyond its historical character, Benin with its lagoon beige and its beaches, is also a country of peace and political stability with immense cultural and tourist resources. It is also a virgin country which will be able to offer them several business opportunities.