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Healthcare Internship

Feed Needs Without Borders provide alternative training through international travel. Through the internships, the students/professionals encounter new healthcare systems as well as unfamiliar tropical diseases. This is a unique opportunity to test whether you are made for a medical or paramedical profession before starting the thorny path of training. You will participate in the daily work of hospitals and clinics with the possibility of observing or even assisting doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, midwives, etc.

This internship will let you gain experience in a developing country which will be particularly valuable if you are considering a career in the medical field. And even if you see your professional future in the Western world, knowing a health system completely different from yours will allow you to consider medical practices in your home country with more nuance.

Through this internship, you will hone your skills, develop personally, upgrade your professionalism, and leave with memories to last forever.

Why go with Feed Needs Without Borders?

At Feed Needs Without Borders, we are proud to offer you internships of exceptional quality. We make every effort to make your project a success for you, but also for the organizations that welcome you.

Since our creation, several interns have come to contribute to thousands of projects in Benin (West Africa) and have left satisfied.

This success has many reasons:

  • Experience
  • Flexibility (project; country of action; departure dates; duration;
  • Enrichment of your CV and your personality
  • Cultural immersion
  • All-in-one price
  • Support and security
  • Tourist discoveries
  • Wide choice of projects
  • International community of volunteers
  • Participate in important projects

Benefit from a tailor-made mission

In consultation with you, we will develop a tailor-made program for your group that allows you to achieve your goals:

  • Make your students understand the reality in a developing country
  • Become part of the functioning of an NGO
  • Carry out a solidarity project
  • Work on a scientific subject
  • Create group cohesion.

Who is Eligible for the Internship?

Any person who has started on a professional degree in a medical field- Nursing, Dental, Midwifery, Physiotherapy, Medical Surgery, etc. is eligible for this internship.

Medical professionals and graduates can also travel. However, kindly note that our healthcare internship is designed to give you experience in a low resource hospital setting in developing countries under the supervision of local qualified professionals.

Planning Before Departure

Apart from your personal effects, we advise you to provide:

  • Medicines against malaria: consult your doctor;
  • a first aid kit: aspirin, strips, antiseptic, anti-histamine ointment, capsules against diarrhea, etc.

If you have to stay in a rural area, it is advisable to have capsules to purify the water you need to consume. However, it is possible to stock up on mineral water anywhere in the kiosks.

  • Solar cream
  • Insect repellent
  • Electrical outlet adapter
  • Your cell phone. It is very easy to obtain a SIM card on site.
  • Don’t forget: visa for travel, plane ticket, passport, pocket money, etc.

It would also be ideal to have pictures of your family and friends with you to show your host family.

Clothing required:

Ideally, you need light and long clothes to protect yourself against mosquito bites. Would you like to have the local outfits too, welcome to a local tailor to make you one. You can also buy them on the spot at the market, in a shop.

Travel insurance

You can take out travel insurance from your country of departure.

Accommodation: Host family or in residence

You will be placed in an apartment where Feed Needs Without Borders provides you with a professional cook; a guardian and an assistant who will be at your service until the end of your stay or with a host family close to your work project. It’s up to you to make a choice. If your work project is in cities of host Countries, you will be in a reception house with modern sanitary conditions. In rural areas, sanitary conditions are mostly local. There may be traditional toilets (Turkish toilets) but clean.

The host family takes care of your accommodation and full catering.

 Are you a vegetarian or a vegan?

Please inform Feed Needs Without Borders in advance of your vegetarian diet.

Tourist visits during your internship

At the trainee’s expense, Feed Needs Without Borders offers weekend sightseeing tours in every host country.

Appropriate security procedures

With several years of existence and missions organized since our creation, Feed Needs Without Borders has extensive experience. The safety of our volunteers is always our number one priority. All our assignments have been the subject of a risk assessment and have been designed not to put the trainees in danger. Emergency and assistance procedures have been put in place and are reviewed regularly. All trainees are informed upon arrival of the precautions to be taken.

Do you have any question or concern regarding our healthcare internship program? If you do, please don’t hesitate to reach us by clicking the link below. We will be glad to address all your questions and concerns!