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Humanitarian Health Center

The Humanitarian Health Center “Le Messie”  in Benin (West Africa) is a charitable health unit which offers health services and whose actions cover the multiple aspects of human fragility: social, physical, psychological, spiritual and at the service of the weakest, without distinction of origin, religion or political beliefs. Its actions are based on Christian values ​​and the humanitarian principles of impartiality and independence.

Active member of the Association of Confessional And Social Private Medical Works in Benin (AMCES-BENIN), it has been recognized as a public utility since 2011 by the Benin Ministry of Health and overseen by the NGO Feed Needs Benin.

Our Services

The services available are as follows: General medicine, maternity, medical and surgical specialties (gynecology-obstetrics, ophthalmology, psychiatry, pediatrics, resuscitation, ENT, Stomatology); a biomedical analysis laboratory, an ultrasound unit and a social service where vaccination activities take place. At the moment, pelvic, obstetric and abdominal ultrasound is the only radiological exploration that is carried out.

Other Center Services

  • Information Education Council (IEC) which are given concomitantly with vaccinations. These sessions develop on themes related to the care of mother and child.
  • Low-cost monthly family planning sessions organized in collaboration with PSI / ABMS for the benefit of women of childbearing age throughout the health zone and surroundings.
  • Blood donation session carried out to bring the centre’s contribution to the various shortages encountered during peak season; session carried out with the collaboration of the National Blood Transfusion Center of Cotonou.
  • Donation sessions (free care, iron and Foldine at the CPN) to the population.
  • Cervical cancer screening sessions; made free of charge to the populations after sensitization and analyzes, the prices of which are revised downwards and accessible to the population.