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Help For Legal Immigration

In order to counteract the scourge of illegal immigration, where our people die, perish in the Atlantic oceans,, suffer in borders and in the Maghreb desert, FEED NEEDS WITHOUT BORDERS has set up a program of support and advisory assistance to those who wish to venture into emigration regardless of the country.

Our role is to provide you with necessary and important information on the normal process of immigrating legally to the countries. We discourage illegal and clandestine immigration.

We work in collaboration with several authorized structures and consultants in the field to relay useful information and offer eligibility evaluations and other services in order to help you travel or immigrate to your desired country easily and legally without having to risk your life.

We are not immigration agents and we do not substitute for immigration agents or offer jobs. We only provide you with the necessary opportunities, information and advice to guide you in your travel and immigration plans, without being cheated or swindled by the phenomenon that is going on today.

Who can benefit from this program?

  • Those who want to emigrate to Canada, USA, UK, Australia, and any other country of their choice
  • DV lottery winners.  We will help you throughout the entire process, from verification of the required documents to your arrival and settling in the United States.
  • Those wanting to visit, study, work or do business abroad.
  • Permanent residents or citizens of Canada or the United States and who wish to sponsor  their spouses or children.


  • Please note that we are not immigration lawyers, and by no means do we provide legal advice or attempt to file immigration benefits for anyone. However, we do provide true and reliable information based on personal experience, expertise advice from the authorized structures and consultants in the field and our own research.
  • All our services are free of charge. Let nobody lie to you or ask money in our name. Ensure to contact us in such case.

For more information about this program, or if you need our help, please reach us.