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Dance and percussion workshop

Africa has a very rich cultural heritage with a diversity of musical instruments, traditional rhythms and exceptional choreographies specific to each region of its countries.

Feed NeedsWithout Borders, in its quest to promote culture, organizes dance and percussion workshops every year with cultural professionals. If you are a culture lover, choose any of our host country destination where we offer moments of learning traditional dances and / or percussion and sharing experiences with professional African artists.

You have on the program, three hours of practice in the morning, from Monday to Friday. The afternoons and weekends are devoted to excursions (canoe trips in the lakeside villages, discovery of artists’ and craftsmen’s workshops, visits to voodoo convents, artists and folk groups, historical sites, etc.). The learning focuses on the traditional repertoire of rhythms and dance steps from Africa as well as their meaning and the socio-cultural relationship of the specific percussion instruments of each region, the techniques of choreography and individual improvisation, the management of breathing and preparing for an end-of-course show.