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Exchange Programs


We do not offer standard catalog assignments. Indeed, each mission is developed according to your skills, experience and your desires.

Concrete and Useful Missions

Our missions cover all areas such as: health, education, environment, tourism, culture, justice, sustainable and integrated development. They are carried out through internship projects, humanitarian missions, and volunteering in favor of disadvantaged communities. In any case, your mission must have concrete and useful feedback for the populations we help and for yourself.

Expected results

You will work in collaboration with the Feed Needs Without Boarders project managers. Throughout the mission, you will contribute to the drafting of a file which will formalize the report of your mission.

Permanent support

You will always be accompanied on the ground for technical support because some people from the local population rarely speak the international languages – English French, German. In addition, the Feed Needs Without Borders project managers will share their experience and field knowledge with you.

A privileged discovery of Africa

Your mission will also be an opportunity for you to discover Africa, its culture and the main tourist sites to visit.


Feed Needs Without Borders plan and arrange multiple cultural activities for those that participate in our programs. These activities may include sightseeing tours, dance and percussion workshops, other local activities and community involvement.