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Our Response to Covid-19

Our Response to Covid-19

Covid-19 poses a grave danger, especially to communities with struggling health systems as it continues to spread. Vulnerable people are going to be hit the hardest by the pandemic: it could drive people into poverty and loss of lives.

In areas that are hard to reach, vulnerable and underserved communities, FNWB is the only organization working tirelessly to provide healthcare.  We are committed to ensuring that the health and wellbeing of the communities and health workforce is well protected.

We work within communities using social behavior change communication strategies to manage and mitigate the outbreak of Covid-19 to keep them in better health. We not only focus on the initial action, but also take into account the often devastating economic and psychological impact of the years to come. The objective of this project is therefore the distribution of masks and awareness-raising sessions with our local partners.

In the absence of social assistance, we support individuals and families affected by Covid-19 by providing them with food, appropriate care and moral support.

We must step up and respond to this pandemic. With your help, we can save more lives.